My love of photography goes back to my childhood.            I started off with a camera as a kid, when I was 6 years old. And this is how everything started.
I believe that photography is more than just capturing a moment. And it is definitely more than pointing a camera at a person saying “cheese”. I think it’s all about “telling a story”. Every photo has a story which is either obvious or sometimes you have to dig deeper into the moment captured. It’s also like a never-ending journey; a journey of learning and creation. And you simply don’t care about your next destination; all you want to do is enjoy every single moment of it.

What I’m actually doing is capturing the life around me. I look at the people as a giant never-ending photographic opportunity. I appreciate all of the beauty I see every day, I observe people and I can tell how beautiful they all look in their own unique way. I see beauty and interesting things everywhere. And as I look out to the world, I look into myself. That’s what I love about photography.

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